Carapace is a glance inside a psychotic trip of a woman. This video trough movement and sound shows different aspects of the human condition such  as psychosis/paranoia. It investigates the demons that crawl under  the skin. This one character is here to reveal  the duality between the real/unreal, dead/alive and human/animal.
video, 4 min 34, 2016
Directed by: Marilou Stive
Starring: Cripta Scheepers
Camera and light: Jorne tielemans
Set design: Gerard Valdivia Hernandez
Music: Hendrik Simons
Costume design: Cripta Scheepers and Kirsten Berkx
Make-up artist: Merel Mons
Post-production: Marilou Stive
Camera assistant: Marcel Stive
Make-up assistant: Minou Snijder
Assistants: Martin Alexandre Alonso, Carlijn Fransen, Isa Oxenaar, Mathilde Renault, Christian Vindelev
Thanks to Neef Louis design

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